Located in Beautiful Boise, Idaho, Idaho SUP Yoga is Boise's Original On-water Yoga and Fitness Provider.

Photo credits: Tanya Pavlis, Jo Cassin, Shane Preston & Albert Dickson
YMCA Photos by: Katherine Jones, Idaho Statesman

Idaho SUP yoga began as a vision for Nicole Vickerman in 2011 when she first stepped onto a paddle board. With her love of yoga and being on the water, Nicole began experimenting with postures on the board, and immediately fell in love with bringing her practice to the water. After researching if it had been done yet, she found that it was mostly in the Bay Area and Florida, and she set out to bring SUP Yoga to Idaho. Her love for teaching yoga and being on the water made SUP Yoga a perfect marriage.

After a few weeks of experimenting on her own from the 84 original Hatha Yoga Asanas, Nicole quickly figured out what she could bring to the board for experienced and non-experienced practitioners. She was introduced to Jo Cassin, co-owner of Idaho River Sports, who provided a great avenue to make SUP yoga in Boise a reality, and together Nicole and Jo introduced SUP Yoga to Boise in Summer 2012, growing into Idaho SUP yoga today and a mainstay of activity for Idaho River Sports.

Her vision is to expose people to yoga who may not have walked into a traditional classroom setting, and hopefully encourage them to find a practice off the board as well. Also, encouraging experienced practitioners to bring their practice to the water for a whole new level of balance, concentration and strength.



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Idaho River Sports
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